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Shangri-La UlaanBaatar

Adventure Zone


Shangri-La Hotel, Ulaanbaatar is a four star luxury hotel located in the heart of Ulaanbaatar which opened it’s doors in 2015. The opening took place some six years after the first foundations were laid, not least in part due to the harsh weather and often challenging environment. With Ulaanbaatar’s current location being some 4,430ft above sea level, the city has been described as the coldest national capital in the world.

Having already designed and developed a number of other play centres for Shangri-La Hotels elsewhere in the world, David Taylor Design were called in again. The space within which the play area was to be installed wasn’t straight forward. The play area had to be designed to accommodate the complex building structures with our Dropslide and Double Dropslides taking centre stage within the play area. The play equipment was designed over 3 levels filled with mutliple play activities that now meander through and around the buildings physical support structures. We were also able to accommodate a 4 lane 3 wave Astra Slide which is located on the periphery of the play area. The play area appeals to a wide age group, from adults to children alike with a further Mini Module play structure designed for toddlers and Under 5’s. Imaginative and creative play is further encouraged with the installation of our Role Play Houses, comprising of a market, police station and mechanics garage.

Jan 2016
Size of Project
350 sqm

When we arrived in Mongolia where it can be as cold as -40 celcius, having been told that the site was ready for us, it was clear that other contractors were a little behind schedule. The service elevator we anticipated using to get our equipment up to the third floor had not been commissioned. This presented a bit of an issue. We had a lot of heavy and large play equipment we needed to move. The solution we arrived at was to remove one of the external windows of the facility and hire a lorry with vertical elevator to move the equipment up to the third floor and you can see a picture of this below. A little unorthodox, but it worked perfectly and our install programme was only marginally affected.