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Frequently Asked Questions


What things should I think about when considering a play area?

That’s a great question and one we know a little about. Amongst the team at DTD, are a few staff that between them, have managed and owner operated indoor play centres for over 20 years.

Indoor play areas are growing in popularity as somewhere safe for kids to burn off energy in all weathers and give parents a chance to relax or also burn off energy if they like. With a DTD adventure indoor play area, we design them with the adult in mind!


Planning any business is critical to the success and owning and operating an indoor play centre is no different. We’ve highlighted below some key considerations and questions you perhaps need to ask yourselves, if you haven’t already?

  • Strategy – what are you hoping to achieve by developing and operating indoor play?
  • Location – If it is a new venture and not an addition to an existing business or operation, knowing the area and market place you are planning to develop your indoor play area is critical. Understanding your competition and what they offer and how you will compete and or develop market share are important considerations. Have you done your homework?
  • Budget – how much can you or do you want to spend? What return on your investment would you like to see or need to see and over what time period are important considerations. Having owned and operated indoor play centres, we can help you look at this realistically. We can help you understand whether the level of investment you are planning will indeed give you a return and help you achieve your overall business objectives and strategies. It is important to us that you succeed. Your success is our success and we like to think of ourselves as a responsible manufacturer and seller of indoor play. We don’t sell play areas. We sell play solutions that add value to our clients’ businesses and when we feel we can’t add value, we tell you, even if it means not selling you a play area or piece of equipment.
  • Offer – what kind of visitor experience are you aiming for? What kind of facilities or services do you need or want to offer and again when looking at this, budgets and understanding your target audiences and what your compeititon are offering is important.
  • Play Equipment provider – it’s often the first thing many people and businesses look at, but matching your supplier or provider having developed an understanding of what you want to achieve can be much easier. We are amongst the top five play manufacturers, probably in the world. We aren’t the largest and we certainly aren’t the cheapest, but we have a strong history of providing extremely durable and profitable indoor play areas that deliver real value. At this point we’d urge anyone to go and talk to our existing customers and go and look at installations that are not just a few years old but are 10+ years of age. Don’t just take our word for what we can do for our customers, go and have a look and we can let you know where the nearest installation is to you. That said, if you’re planning on locating or developing an indoor play attraction that we believe is too close geographically to an existing customer, we probably won’t be able to help you. Even if it means walking away from a potential sale, we’d rather that than potentially compromise our existing customer’s business as well as potentially yours!
What info do you need to start designing a play area for me?

Simply email us a brief overview of your scope, including dimensions of your space (height to apex & eaves, width and length), and a 2D CAD plan of your building/space if you have one.

I don't have a building yet, can I still contact you?

Yes! We like to get involved in the project as early as possible, we can advise on the play space and provide a number of options to get started and help you achieve a successful play installation.

Installation - how does it work and can I do it myself with my team?

Installation is included in the cost of the product, as it is intrinsically linked to the manufacture.  Our workshop team carry out installation on site as they have in-depth knowledge of the product and safety requirements.

How long does it take from start to finish?

We pay great attention to detail when scoping out and designing your play environment with you.  However generally speaking once the design has been agreed and we’ve received your deposit, manufacturing takes 6-8 weeks.  Shipping can take 2 days – 1 month depending on where in the UK/world your site is.  Installation for a small UK installation takes around 2 weeks, up to 6 weeks for a large scale setting (e.g. resort hotel in Hong Kong).  We work closely with you, and have a well ordered process for all eventualities.

What about ongoing maintenance?

When we install the play area, we like to have a member of your maintenance team around, so we can train them to carry out ongoing maintenance.

For an additional fee we provide short training days on maintenance and operational support, and a maintenance & repair service.

Cost - how much is a David Taylor Design play installation?

We can provide you with an initial quote based on draft proposals which we can subsequently develop with you over the period of a few days to a week. Remember, the initial Q&A and

Design phase is FREE! and you are under no obligation. We want to help and it’s our job to help demonstrate that. If we can and you like what you see and you’d like to work with us, then great,  but if not we will quite understand. We always like to know and understand though why any of our prospective clients have decided to not progress to the next stage, so we will always ask you that question. However, we won’t bombard you thereafter with email correspondence and sales phone calls, we promise!