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We design, manufacture & install

One of the top UK Play Designers & Manufacturers with a global client list, we employ a community of industrial designers and engineers, graphic designers and play specialists to help deliver play solutions that add significant value to our clients’ businesses.

How we Work

Your vision:  At the beginning of a project we ask a lot of questions, to build a clear understanding of your business, inspiration, and what you are hoping to achieve.


The scope:  Your aspirations and ideas are central to the scope.  The collaborative Question & Answer phase helps us to jointly form an initial scope and design brief.  We drill down into key details including target audience/s, your overall aims and objectives, as well as potential products and function/s of the space.  All important design issues and considerations will be explored and discussed, and the design brief document thereafter forms an essential point of reference for both parties.


Design and planning:  We ask at the start of our discussions for any sketches, dimensions, photographs or Google™ Maps that might help our understanding of your space and wider context.  Architects plans and drawings are also helpful, and from this information we can begin to visualise the area you are looking to develop. A visit to see the building or area for ourselves is sometimes appropriate but in the first stages of a project, it’s often not necessary, unless the area or project is particularly complex.


Architect drawings and planning software: We use a variety of software, eg: 2D & 3D AutoCAD, Solidworks, Sketch-up, to assist us with creating ideas.  However you don’t have to worry about the technical detail – the more we have in terms of architectural plans the better but we will work with what you have.


Modular design & bespoke approach: We have a huge portfolio of standard play products that are modular in their design, but we always focus on creating exciting play solutions that work for you and help you achieve your objectives.


No obligation:  The initial Q&A and design phase is free of charge.  We want you to know that we can help, and if you feel we can’t once we’ve completed the initial phase then we leave it at that.  Equally if we feel that we can’t help or add value, then we’ll tell you.


Get in touch:  If you have a project that you would like us to look at, please email us at info@taylordesignandplay.com or telephone us +44 (0) 1637 860526.