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Our installation team have detailed knowledge of the manufacture process and provide a safe, professional and timely service.

Indoor Play Area Installation & Outdoor Play Area Installation

Attention to detail is critical. Despite planning everything meticulously, we have learned over many years to expect the unexpected. We are often involved in building indoor play areas in new facilites which are often still in the process of being constructed. We are well used to working on construction sites and we know that despite a client’s best efforts, schedules of work can be affected for many reasons and so, we sometimes have to adapt.

One example of this was in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. When we arrived, having been told that the site was ready for us, it was clear that other contractors were a little behind schedule. The service elevator we anticipated using to get our equipment up to the third floor had not been commissioned. This presented a bit of an issue. We had a lot of heavy and large play equipment we needed to move. The solution we arrived at was to remove one of the external windows of the facility and hire a lorry with vertical elevator to move the equipment up to the third floor and you can see a picture of this below. A little unorthodox, but it worked perfectly and our install programme was only marginally affected. Problems are not necessarily viewed as such by us and where we have a problem, usually not of our own making, we sort it out.

We prioritise risk management and our safety record is exemplary. We have complete cover under Product and Liabilities Insurances.


All our quotes include full outdoor or indoor playground installation and aftercare. We work closely with the client to enable smooth shipping/delivery and installation.


As well as our design and manufacturing experience, we have a considerable amount of operational experience. We know exactly what it takes to operate a successful indoor play centre and we’re happy to assist our clients with any operational issues.

We always encourage local contractor assistance, so if you have a hotel maintenance team or people that carry out your routine maintenance, we’d like to involve them in the construction phase, so they can see how the play area is built and potentially how it might need to be maintained.

We can also offer training to staff and have delivered 1-3 days programmes that look at risk assessment / managing risk, routine maintenance, and the safety/well-being of users of the play equipment, in accordance with the recommendations as outlined in British Standards.


Overseas installations:
We have been exporting and installing play equipment overseas for nearly 20 years. We project manage the entire project in minute detail; from mutual clarification on plans and tolerances, to visa requirements and ensuring efficiency of delivery phases.

The majority of the installation is carried out by the installation team but we do ask where appropriate for some resource support from the client.

Our shipping logistics partner in the UK have a global network and have been assisting us and our clients with our international shipping requirements for over 20 years. We offer a full door to door delivery service where appropriate, thereby removing all the headaches and stress that can sometimes accompany the movement of goods across international borders. Our longest and perhaps most challenging shipment was to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia which involved the shipping of 4 x 40ft containers from the UK to Beijing (10,708 nautical miles) and then unloaded on to a train to be transported across two international borders, covering a distance of approx 1500km. We managed the whole process, including customs clearances.