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Role Play

Children’s Role Play Equipment from David Taylor Design

Designed to suit your individual requirements!

Recently launched, the now two tiered role play village was designed and installed initially in China with an Oriental twist and design applied to the roof lines and theming.

For UK markets more traditional roof designs can be applied. The role play village can be modular and can comprise of blocks of 3, 4 or 5 role play houses.

They are two tiered with a staircase built in to the fabric of one of the houses, taking children and adults to the first floor. There they will be greeted with an array of interactive play panels and lava floor tiles. Coming back down the stairs, the role play village options include Fire Station, Police Station, Post Office, Noodle Bar, Petrol Station, Bank, Market and Coffee Shop. All options include role play theming that we have specially designed and printed on to wipe clean, durable polyethylene. This theming is then applied to the downstairs aspects of the houses.

Optional extras include Little Tikes cars and petrol pumps and bench seating to help segregate the area from other areas of the play centre.


If you have a specific theme idea you’d like to see incorporated within the role play houses, please let us know. We can design to suit your individual requirements.