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Popup Play

Popup Play Equipment from David Taylor Design

David Taylor Design are the UK distributor for Swedish based company Rodeco®. RODECO have been established since 1985 are now one of Sweden’s leading play manufacturers and have enjoyed worldwide success with their very unique play and pop-up play concepts.

DTD is delighted to partner with the Rodeco team and believe the Popup Play areas bring a new and different dimension to both indoor and outdoor play. Popup Play is a mobile, small scale, flexible playground concept that can be quickly assembled and or moved. Spaces that are perhaps not being used constantly or are sometimes required for other purposes are often prime spots for accommodating such play equipment. The Rodeco®products have been installed in shopping centres, airports, water parks, restaurants/café’s,  hospitals/doctors/dental practices etc.

The Popup Play has been proven to help entertain toddlers and small children and has helped operators around the world improve their play facilities and play offer. A happy child often translates in to a happy and more relaxed parent and in a retail/shopping centre/mall environment, this can often translate in to a more pleasurable shopping experience for everyone. With Popup Play being easily moveable, the play areas can also be positioned strategically inside a shopping centre in such a way as to impact positively on foot fall and flow of shoppers through the facility.

We know how children play and develop.

With over 40 years experience in the industry, we understand how children play and how play can positively affect a child’s physical, emotional, social and educational development. The impact and part play can have on a child’s development is always uppermost in our minds and the Rodeco product range has been purposefully designed with this in mind. The colour, texture, shapes and play elements are all designed to engage, entertain and provide a stimulating environment that is intrinsically beneficial for children and their development.

Safety is equally an important aspect of what we do and it goes without saying that the Rodeco products have all been designed and manufactured with safety in mind. The play areas are extremely safe and comply with all the relevant British and European safety standards.