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Over 25 years experience of steel and timber fabrication and manufacturing. Employing highly skilled engineers, welders, fabricators, carpenters and joiners with a wealth of building and play equipment construction.

How we work

Indoor Play Area Manufacture & Outdoor Play Area Manufacture

  • Our manufacturing department works and liaises very closely with the designers at the early stages of your project.
  • A joint assessment is carried out to explore possible solutions. We need to know that any ideas we provide you with, can be realistically and cost effectively manufactured. Cost and value are always considerations, alongside ensuring that any potential solution meets your objectives.
  • Mock-ups or prototypes are occasionally produced to help us prove and demonstrate that any bespoke items and ideas we’ve designed, can be physically produced. Computer modelling is also used, but there is often no substitute for producing a three dimensional object that you can see and touch.
  • At the point you make your purchase, the design and manufacturing teams then produce the necessary engineering plans and drawings.
  • Those plans and drawings are distributed between the various steel, timber or vinyl fabrication workshops.
  • Depending on the scale of your project, will determine the length of time your products and or bespoke play area is being manufactured. A typical play area made up of our major slides and play modules that covers an area of approx 3000sqft would take up to 8 weeks to produce.
  • Everything we do is hand-made. We are not a mass production manufacturer, preferring to focus on producing play products and solutions that meet your specific needs and requirements.


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We would like to show you how we can help, so If you have a project that you would like us to look at, give us a call on +44 (0) 1637 860526 or email at info@taylordesignandplay.com or you can click here and fill out the form to get hold of us.