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Pirate Looney Ladders

Looney Ladders

Looney Ladders Play Equipment from David Taylor Design

Medieval Looney Ladder close up

An exciting piece of kit, the Looney Ladder is both challenging and rewarding, requiring perfect balance and determination. The ladder stretches up a gradual incline but is attached at each end by a single rope  – the smallest miscalculation and the ladder immediately twists, spinning you upside down – can you hold on?  If you can ring the bell, you get a prize!  You can find our Looney Ladders at numerous Family Attractions including Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Legoland California and many more!



This is a lovely addition to compliment both indoor and outdoor play environments and is designed for adults as well as children – great fun for the family gang!

Pirate Themed Looney Ladders