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Play Equipment for Retail Parks & Shopping Centres

We provide stunning play installations of all scales for the retail sector, in the UK and across the globe – particularly in Asia and Europe, from Casinos in Hong Kong to mega outlet shopping experiences in the Netherlands and Spain.

We enjoy working with multi-partner teams, from shopping centre companies, retail managers and local government to individual stores.  We love the challenge put to us, be it a large scale multi-age play installation within a mega-mall, or a small but engaging pop up play feature in a local shopping centre.  Our new Swedish partners Rodeco provide an exciting fresh twist to pop up play.

We are often involved in the early development phases and encourage developers and retail managers to consider carefully the scope, anticipated outputs and value proposition to enable us to provide a successful installation.  We provide advice at this stage on meeting market demand and how to attain a development which complements the retail environment, is financially sustainable, and is a lucrative investment.

We work closely with the wider team throughout the design and manufacturing process, including lead architects and interior design consultants, engineering teams and general managers, and enjoy hosting clients in Cornwall wherever possible, to kickstart phases.

We organise the shipping / delivery process from factory to site, and have considerable experience in both national and international shipping management.