15 Million kids can't be wrong

Play Modules

Indoor Soft Play Equipment

Our indoor soft play modules are steel – fabricated 7ft high modules, which are extremely solid and take children of all ages and adults.  This spacious design ensures security and safety, excellent visibility for operators, and also comfort for parents and carers who don’t have to bend double to keep up with their children. The soft play installation modules contain multiple activities for zipwiring, climbing, crawling, spinning and squeezing.


A typical David Taylor Design Indoor Soft Play area comprises:

  • Over 3,000m of 50 x 50mm box steel framework
  • 2,400m of 12mm diameter stell netting bar
  • 864 sqm of MDF sheet material
  • 228 sqm of composite foam
  • 2,016m of post padding
  • 7,560 post padding cable ties
  • 2,640sqm of netting
  • 450 sqm of vinyl
  • 6,000 ball pool balls
  • Over 14,500 different, nuts, bolts, screws, shackles and caps

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