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Commercial Slides from David Taylor Design

We have been producing slides for many years, in fact we are still servicing our commercial slides that we installed over 20 years ago.  They are all hand made and go through several manufacturing stages.  In essence, such an investment for the majority of our customers, is a lifetime purchase that requires very little in the way of maintenance.  We place quality control at the heart of our work and oversee all installations in person.  All our commercial slides are designed for both children and adults and have TUV approval. Everything we do is designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with BS EN1176.

Vertical & Double Drop Slide

Our vertical drop slide is very exciting and very safe – constructed with a raked vertical drop, with each slide taking over 300 man hours to fabricate.  Designed for both children and adults, it is certainly a daunting challenge to anyone who sits on the top for the very first time!

The slide is available at different heights from 4.2m up to 11 metres (platform height), with either one or two take off levels (single or double drop slide), and fitted with run out sections of up to 18 metres long.

The surface is constructed of heavy duty linoleum, and fitted to a steel frame.  It is available in a variety of colours, and with various take off and exit configurations.  As a size guide, our standard Dropslide is positioned on a 4.5m (15ft) platform and the overall slide height is approx 6m.

Family and Kids on a Astra Slide

Astra Slide

Our Astra slide is a multicoloured sectional slide constructed of heavy duty glass fibre and fitted to a steel frame.  With a series of waves the Astra slide is an exciting ride for all ages – children and adults.

There are various take-off height options, requiring different slide lengths of up to a maximum of 30 metres. The Astra slide is available in a variety of colours and has 2 to 6 lane options.

Spiral and Straight Tube Slides

Extremely safe, the Spiral and Straight Tube Slides provide an exciting ride for both adults and children. Our tube slides can take off from almost any height level and are available in a variety of colours. The spiral slides are also available in tight or standard spirals.

Our tube slide designs are constructed from heavy duty glass fibre sections, and fabricated by our fiberglass manufacturing specialists.